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How Important is Uzui Tengen in The Entertainment District Arc



Uzui Tengen, the Sound Hashira in Demon Slayer Season 2 (Image credit: Ufotable)


Uzui Tengen’s leaked scene from Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc caused great emotion among demon slayer Fans. With Demon Slayer Season 2 in progress, and the Entertainment District Arc airing from December 5, now is the perfect time to jot down everything that is known about Uzui Tengen, with no spoilers from the manga.

Leaked Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc Scene Raises Fan Expectations About Uzui Tengen

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The trailer for Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc previously revealed images of the protagonists, women in the entertainment district, detailed outlines of the entertainment district, and Uzui Tengen.

Outside of Tengen, we see a close-up of a beautiful woman, who manga readers know is important in this arc.

The woman from the trailer (Image credit: Ufotable)
The woman from the trailer (Image credit: Ufotable)

Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc includes chapters 70 to 99 of the demon slayer manga, just after the Mugen Train Arc. With 30 chapters, it is the longest manga arc to be animated in demon slayer so far and features more characters than any previous anime arc.

But the focus is clearly on Uzui Tengen, and the leaked scene further reinforces that.

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Although the scene is not very detailed or surprising, the details of Uzui’s face and the quality of the animation raised the expectations of fans. Uzui is seen speaking to an unseen audience, most likely the protagonist trio of Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke.

In the background, the commentators, including some dubbers of demon slayer anime, all marvel at the coolness of Uzui. And indeed, Uzui Tengen is one of the coolest characters in demon slayer.

As seen in the Rehab Training Arc of Demon Slayer Season 1, when Tanjiro and Nezuko are brought before all the Hashiras or Pillars, Uzui is a bright and prominent individual. He is flashy and values ​​his flamboyance.

Uzui is the Sound Hashira, and at 23 he is one of the oldest Hashira.

Uzui in Demon Slayer season 1 (Image credit: Ufotable)
Uzui in Demon Slayer season 1 (Image credit: Ufotable)

Uzui’s heavily jeweled style and eccentric attire go hand in hand with his flamboyant personality, making it harder to guess his ninja origins. Uzui is the only married Hashira, with his three wives Makio, Suma and Hinatsuru.

Like Inosuke, Uzui also wields two blades, but instead of swords his weapons of choice are two Nichirin cleavers.

The Entertainment District Arch is a defining arc in Tanjiro and Nezuko’s journey, and Uzui becomes their fourth Hashira mentor after Tomioka Giyuu, Kocho Shinobu, and Rengoku Kyojuro.

As Rengoku was the key character in Demon Slayer Mugen Train ArcUzui is the key character in the Entertainment District Arc.

With Demon Slayer Season 2 Entertainment District Arc slated for release on December 5, fans can’t wait to see what adventures Tanjiro and his friends will have with Uzui Tengen.

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