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Hot holiday toys for 2022




(WHTM) – The Nintendo Switch continues its reign of popularity, and one game is particularly hot this holiday season.

“This year it’s the Nintendo Switch sports game,” said Charlene DeLoach, editor-in-chief of Toy Insider. “I love it because it really gets the kids up and moving, it gets them playing when it’s cold outside, and it’s something the whole family can do even if you’re not big on video games.”

For younger kids, DeLoach says Bluey, based on the popular Disney Junior show, is a big deal. The Bluey Ultimate Light and Sounds Playhouse is sure to fly off the shelves.

“It’s one of the greatest Bluey products to date on the market, plus it has all these light and sound features that really allow kids to play and interact with it in a really unique way,” DeLoach said.

Social media-inspired toys are also trending, like the Addison Rae doll.

“She comes with all these little accessories that every TikTok star needs, but actually, what’s really cool is that she also plays dance music,” DeLoach said.

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