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Highlights and goals: Patronato 1 (3) – 1 (2) Boca in Copa Argentina 2022 | 10/26/2022



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22:41 14 hours ago


Superb save from the goalkeeper against Villa’s penalty! Patronato is in the Copa Argentina final!

22:39 14 hours ago

GOOOAL for Patronato

Patronato takes the series lead with a goal from Facundo Cobos. If Sebastián Villa misses, Patronato goes to the final.

22:38 14 hours ago

GOOOAL for Boca

Agustin Sandez scores. 2-2.

22:37 14 hours ago


He saved Justo Giani’s penalty.

22:35 14 hours ago


The keeper held Alan Varela and made a save. 2-1.

22:35 14 hours ago

GOAL for Patronato

Marcelo Estigarribia scores. Series 2-1.

22:34 14 hours ago

GOOOAL for Boca

Luca Langoni’s left-footed shot ties the series for now.

22:33 14 hours ago

GOOOAL for Patronato

Jonás Acevedo scores Patronato’s first goal. 1-0.

22:32 14 hours ago


The Patronato goalkeeper saves the first penalty by saving Óscar Romero’s shot in the middle.

22:27 14 hours ago

90+4′ End of the match

The match ends. 1-1 draw between Patronato and Boca Juniors, so we will have penalties.

22:24 14 hours ago

90′ Additional time

Four extra minutes will be played in the game.

22:23 14 hours ago

89′ Boca got closer

Oscar Romero’s shot from below went near the right post.

22:23 14 hours ago

84′ Replacement Boca

Alan Varela replaces Esteban Rolón.

22:16 14 hours ago

82′ Yellow card

Sergio Ojeda has been warned for Patronato.

22:15 14 hours ago

80′ Yellow card

Franco Leys has been warned at Patronato.

22:14 14 hours ago

75′ Patronato got closer

Marcelo Estigarribia’s shot was well saved by Javier García.

22:11 14 hours ago

74′ Replacement Patronato

Justo Giani replaces Axel Rodríguez.

22:07 14 hours ago

74′ GOOOOAL for Boca

SEBASTIAN VILLA! The Colombian striker hit the penalty to the left post, deceiving Altamirano who dived to his right.

22:05 14 hours ago

73′ Penalty for Boca

The referee penalizes a foul by Franco Leys in the area on Sebastian Villa. He also gave Carlos Quintana a yellow card for complaining.

22:03 14 hours ago

71′ Yellow card

Axel Rodríguez has been warned for Patronato.

22:02 14 hours ago

66′ Double change for Boca

Luca Langoni and Javier Morales replaced Nicolás Orsini and Norberto Briasco.

22:00 14 hours ago

63′ Boca double substitution

Óscar Romero replaces Martín Payero.

21:59 14 hours ago

63′ Replacement Patronato

Tiago Banega replaces Nicolás Castro.

21:47 14 hours ago

55′ The match is still 1-0

Patronato continues to win. The match doesn’t have many clear scoring options so far, but it has a lot of intensity.

21:43 15 hours ago

51′ Yellow card

Facundo Cobo has been warned for Patronato.

21:42 15 hours ago

50′ First minutes of the second half

Few things to highlight at the start of the match. There weren’t many close calls, but it was a home and away game.

21:37 15 hours ago

The second half begins

The match restarted with two changes from Patronato after the entry of Facundo Cobos and Sergio Ojeda in place of Lucas Kruspzky and Juan Guasone.

21:22 15 hours ago

45+1′ End of the first half

The first half of the match ends. Patronato partially wins 1-0 against Boca.

21:21 15 hours ago

45′ Additional time

One more minute will be played in the first half.

21:19 15 hours ago

40′ Last five minutes

The end of the first half is approaching. Boca continues to try to attack, but lacks clarity in the last quarter of the pitch.

21:09 15 hours ago

33′ GOOOOOAL for Patronato!

21:07 15 hours ago

29′ Yellow card

Juan Guasone has been warned at Patronato. The second of the game.

20:59 15 hours ago

22′ Boca got it!

Sebastian Villa got it! The striker entered the box from the left, shot from below and the ball went near the far post.

20:57 15 hours ago

20′ The tie is maintained

Little to note so far in the game. The score remains 0-0.

20:49 15 hours ago

15′ Yellow card

Lucas Kruspzky has been warned at Patronato.

20:44 16 hours ago

10′ The meeting continues

The score remains equal for now. Boca shows a little more intensity early in the game.

20:39 16 hours ago

4′ Boca got closer

Sebastián Villa made a good run down the left, fell back to the middle and shot, but Facundo Altamirano caught the ball.

20:35 16 hours ago

The game begins

The match between Patronato and Boca Juniors begins.

20:30 16 hours ago

Field teams

Salen los jugadores de Patronato y Boca Juniors al terreno de juego in el Estadio San Juan del Bicentenario.

20:25 16 hours ago

Substitutes – Boca Juniors

20:20 16 hours ago

Starting XI – Boca Juniors

20:15 16 hours ago

Substitutes – Employers

20:10 16 hours ago

Starting XI – Patronato

20:05 16 hours ago

Last five games – Boca Juniors

20:00 16 hours ago

Last five games – Patronato

19:55 16 hours ago

List of players – Boca Juniors

19:50 16 hours ago

Team Roster – Patronato

19:45 17 hours ago

Happy to see you again

We are ready to tell you the action of this match between Patronato and Boca Juniors in the semi-finals of the Copa Argentina 2022.

19:40 17 hours ago

Tune in here Live Score Patronato vs Boca Juniors!

In a few moments, we’ll share with you the starting lineups for the Patronato vs Boca Juniors live stream, as well as the latest information from the San Juan del Bicentenario stadium. Don’t miss any details of VAVEL’s live match update and coverage commentary.

19:35 17 hours ago

How to watch Patronato vs Boca Juniors live on TV and online?

19:30 17 hours ago

What time is the Patronato vs Boca Juniors game for Copa Argentina?

19:25 17 hours ago

Key player – Boca Juniors

Dario Benedetto stands. The 32-year-old Argentine striker is the team’s top scorer so far this season. He has 16 goals for the year in 40 games played. One of these celebrations took place during the Copa Argentina.

19:20 17 hours ago

Key player – Patronato

19:15 17 hours ago

History of Patronato vs. Boca Juniors

19:00 17 hours ago

The match will be played at the San Juan del Bicentenario stadium

18:55 17 hours ago

Welcome to’s coverage of the Copa Argentina match: Patronato vs Boca Juniors live updates!

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