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Hidebound San Diego area surfers thrown into mass confusion as famous first daughter Emily Ratajkowski declares she “doesn’t really believe in straight people!”




Bomb from a bomb.

The greater San Diego area and its surfers, by extension, is generally not known as a hotbed of progressive thought. To root too much liberalism which breaks the norms. No, the coastline from Oceanside to Carlsbad, Encinitas, Del Mar, La Jolla to San Diego proper is what one would describe as “generally conservative”, and not necessarily in the political sense.

Things are done, here, as they were done before. A dawn patrol chased by coffee and a donut. Some light work in the sale of medical devices. A chained evening with an IPA. The entertainment revolves around capturing Chris Cote playing music at Belly Up or Chris Cote hosting a comedy night at 1st Street Bar. Date nights are held exclusively at Herb and Sea, with the man ordering roasted oysters and bone marrow followed by a wood-grilled steak, the woman opting for roasted baby carrots and plancha-cooked branzino .

Watching the kids play football, dad wearing an old Chargers jersey, mom a brimmed hat, rules the weekend.

It’s a simple lifestyle that’s been passed down from grandfather to father, father to son, and traditional, though famous first daughter Emily Ratajkowski kicked it all off a few hours ago in a hugely scintillating new interview.

Ratajkowski, who hails from Encinitas and is said to have brought Brad Pitt here, suddenly asked local men if they should try the branzino, women pondering oysters, everyone pondering Chris Cote, hats to wide brims, etc.

For according to Fox News:

The 31-year-old new single mother spoke to Harper’s Bazaar for its November issue of a TikTok trend she participated in, which jokes that women who own a green couch are bisexual.

When the outlet asked if the video had any truth behind it, Ratajkowski replied, “I think sexuality is on a sliding scale. I don’t really believe in straight people.

“My girlfriend came over and was like, ‘Bh, did you see the green sofa thing?’ She was making fun of me because my green sofa is so big,” she explained of the joke.

The model went on to say that she wanted to have fun with herself without feeling like a “bad feminist.”

“I want to be able to have fun with how I present myself to the world without feeling like a bad feminist or a good feminist,” she said. “Uh. I don’t want to be in your club if you don’t want me. Its good!”

Straight guys aren’t real?

San Diego area surfers are introverted tonight. Introspection plus IPA.

Why, for example, did they so long for a glimpse of Brad Pitt?

More as the story develops.