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Get Two Pairs of Glasses For The Price of One




If you’d rather wear glasses than contacts, you already know that lenses and frames can be expensive. If you’re looking for affordable alternatives, GlassesUSA is worth checking out, as this online retailer offers affordable prices on both prescription and non-prescription glasses. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current ensemble or want a few stylish frames at your disposal, GlassesUSA’s latest deals can help you save even more.

On the site, there are two promotional codes that you can use right now; most prominently is its buy one, get one free (BOGO) offer. If you use the promotional code “BOGOFREE” during checkout, you will receive a second pair of glasses for free. You can include one set of premium frames in your order with this code (but not two). Also, the cheapest pair of frames is the one that will be free.

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GlassesUSA / GlassesUSA

Looking for a new pair of glasses but don’t need two? Try to use the second promotional code valid right now. When you use “SPRING50” at checkout, you get 50% off a pair of basic (Rx) prescription lenses, plus free shipping. While this code won’t work on premium, discounted, or new frames (and you can’t use it in conjunction with the BOGO offer), it’s still a chance to save big and add new specs to your collection.

The online retailer has a huge inventory of nearly 2,000 frames, and you can filter products based on color, lens type, material, and even frame shape, like cat-eye and the airmen. Top brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Michael Kors are available on the site, and you can try on frames virtually by uploading a photo of yourself or using one of the preloaded designs as a reference. If you wear prescription lenses and can’t remember their strength, GlassesUSA has a prescription scanner app that measures the optical parameters of your current glasses and provides suggestions based on that (remember you will still need a valid Rx to order them). If you’re not happy with your new frames, the site offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Head over to GlassesUSA today to save on a new pair of glasses before these sales end.