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Future Tech Pack to bring more gadgets to Prison Architect




Future Tech Pack is the next little DLC for Prison Architect, which will be released on November 22 and will give you new gadgets to play with. The Slam, a free patch featuring quality-of-life improvements, a visitor-only area, more categories for your staff breaks, and more, is releasing with the Future Tech Pack.

Here is what the DLC will contain:

  • Advanced Searchlights – This technological marvel tracks misbehaving inmates. Equipped with a CCTV camera, a spectacular light cone and a siren, nothing will go unnoticed. The best thing? You can operate the projectors yourself!
  • New floors, futuristic doors and key cards – Squares are a thing of the past – embrace the future with hexagonal and triangular tiles. With shiny new key cards that open all futuristic doors, your guards won’t need keys anymore.
  • Tracking Devices – Equip the most troublesome inmates with tracking devices. With this new section of the security menu, you can select which prisoners need extra monitoring. Trackers will allow them access through designated keycard doors, notify you instantly of any new addictions, and most importantly, notify you instantly if they dare leave the range of your routers using the new tracker monitors in the security room.
  • Structural Updates – Say goodbye to concrete walls and welcome to glass. With the glass walls, you can keep an eye on your inmates at all times. Who needs privacy? If you deem it necessary, an electrified fence is also available.
  • Aesthetics and Robot-Dogs – We reworked the design of the inmate and staff uniforms, for a more futuristic look. And don’t forget Subwoofer and Byte, the two new watchdog robots.

It will be priced at $2.99 ​​/ £2.09 GBP / €2.99.

You can buy Prison Architect on GOG, Humble Store and Steam.

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