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Fans go wild as rapper Kreayshawn joins OnlyFans




American rapper Kreayshawn, full name Natassia Gail Zolot, was known for her 2011 hit single “Gucci Gucci.”

Now the artist tends towards something completely separate from his musical talent.

California-born Kreayshawn joined internet content subscription service OnlyFans and fans have been going wild ever since she found her profile privatized.

Find out what exactly the content creator is sharing on the hidden platform and find out what Twitter users have to say.

HITC is also scouring the singer’s social media pages to gather information on what exactly she is doing today.

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Rapper Kreayshawn joins OnlyFans

Natassia Gail Zolot, 32, better known by her stage name Kreayshawn, is an American musical artist who first rose to prominence in the summer of 2011 with her single “Gucci Gucci”.

Kreayshawn is suddenly getting a lot of attention online after her fans find out about her OnlyFans existence.

@KREAYSHAWN took to Twitter on March 12, 2022 to somewhat announce that she is an OnlyFans content creator.

The singer’s OnlyFans profile (@kreaykiwi) displays important information that users should read before subscribing, including the type of exclusive content she provides.

In a list of rules, Kreayshawn states that she dislikes “undue rudeness or dirty talk” and describes herself as a “beautiful woman” who will be treated as such.

To access OnlyFans content, viewers can subscribe to his account for $12.99 per month.

Fans go wild for hidden content

Content aggregator video blog WorldStarHipHop revealed that Kreayshawn has an OnlyFans account in a recent post.

A named social media user @iamcamerongates I saw the WorldStarHipHop post and took Twitter with the statement:

“What a time to live.”

@ThomasMightSnap called the attention of “people of the blog age” to inform them of the existence of OnlyFans from Kreayshawn, in their Tweeter.

Another Twitter user named @dmgurei suggested they would subscribe to the rapper’s OnlyFans to pay tribute to his 2011 hit.

Learn more about the American artist

On Instagram, @kreayshawn currently has over 350,000 users.

The American entertainer also has an online diary available at, in which she shares updates from her life.

Additionally, Kreayshawn has created a special social and music site called

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Kreayshawn is a verified artist on Spotify where she has 359,804 monthly listeners.

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