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Fans are upset with Chad for sending Courtney home



Chad dumped Courtney in Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 29 (Image via Love Island, courtnneylynn/Instagram)


Episode 29 of love island usa Season 4, which aired August 19, Friday, featured a recoupling session where Chad dumped Courtney.

Chad was one of the Casa Amor cast members who courted Courtney. But their spark seemed to fade after Phoebe started chasing him. Things went downhill for Chad and Courtney after the arrival of Season 2 Islander Mackenzie, who also showed interest in Chad.

After Joel chose Phoebe over Courtney in the recent re-coupling cycle, Chad had two options – Mackenzie or Courtney. He chose the former, citing that she had just arrived at the villa while the latter had been on the show from the start. As a result, Courtney had to go home.

Chad says he didn’t choose Courtney because HE felt like she had her time when he wouldn’t even be there if it wasn’t for HER #LoveIslandUnited States

Fans who wanted to see Phoebe go home were upset that Chad dumped Courtney.

love island usa 2022 fans slam Chad for dumping Courtney

Viewers couldn’t believe Joel and Chad didn’t choose Courtney. Fans were more disappointed with Chad because Courtney was the one who brought him to the villa, and giving Mackenzie a chance because she was new made no sense to them. Of note, Mackenzie starred in love island usa Season 2.

Fans shared their thoughts on Chad on Twitter. Looked:

Chad says he’s going to send Courtney home because Makenzie deserves a chance to be here. You forgot that it was mine that was already on a season and had its chance! #loveislandusa

Chad chose Mackenzie because he was salty at Courtney and wanted Phoebe #loveislandusa

Chad don’t try to make it look like Courtney is stressing you out. #loveislandusa

Chad isn’t even interested in makenzie!!!! Why tf he kept it on Courtney. Seeing him do drove me crazy! #loveislandusa

Chad, if you were leaning more towards Phoebe, why wouldn’t you choose Courtney to stay when she’s been loyal to you??!? I can’t #loveislandusa

It’s really telling when guys can’t give a nice speech when they know they’re sending someone home. As if Chad didn’t have to suggest that Mackenzie was nicer than Courtney. #LoveIslandUnited States

chad saying courtney had her time but mackenzie also had her time… he blames EVERYTHING on courtney fr #LoveIslandUnited States

Wait until Chad isn’t interested in Mackenzie, just saying Courtney’s time is up! #LoveIslandUnited States

Courtney split from Chad in the previous episode because she felt they were on different pages. She even confessed to Zeta and Nadjha that her relationship with him felt strained after a while. However, she hoped to establish a connection with Joel.

Courtney was one of the OG Islanders on love island usa 2022. His first partner was Andy, who later teamed up with Mady. She then became interested in Felipe, but the spark was quickly extinguished after Bryce’s arrival.

Before Casa Amor, Courtney was single. She went back to the villa with Chad, and their chemistry seemed sweet for a while. But the two couldn’t maintain their relationship, which resulted in Courtney’s exit from the show.

Meanwhile, Chad has chosen Mackenzie but has feelings for Phoebe.

Will Chad dump Mackenzie for Phoebe?

After Courtney came out, Chad wasn’t sure if he wanted to be with Mackenzie or Phoebe. The Season 2 Islander wanted to work things out with Chad and told Joel she didn’t see Phoebe as a threat. At that exact moment, Phoebe took Chad into the make-up room. The two, in an intimate position, got caught by Mackenzie.

In the last episode, Chad asked Timmy and Isaiah for advice.

Timmy said:

“I think if you find out what that kiss with Phoebe is really about, then you’re gonna I mean it’s gonna run the brother ship.” Because I don’t know how torn you are between Mackenzie and Phoebe, because if you’re still trying to get to know the two.

Chad confessed he was torn between the two girls, but he leans more towards Phoebe. While Chad and Phoebe’s relationship seemed to be taking a turn for the better, it may disappoint Mackenzie.

After the re-coupling round, the original couples reunited, including Isaiah-Sydney, Jesse-Deb, Timmy-Zeta, and Jeff-Nadjha. The new pairs were Joel-Phoebe and Chad-Mackenzie. Episode 29 of love island usa 2022 also hosted a food game during the day and a happening party in the evening.

Viewers can watch a new episode of love island usa Season 4 airs Tuesday-Sunday on Peacock at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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