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Extended Outdoor Dining permit – Frankston City Council




Applications are now open for Frankston City Council’s Free Extended Outdoor Dining Permit.

Eligible hotel businesses can apply to expand their foreign trade. Extended outdoor dining permits are valid until June 30, 2022. We have accelerated the application process to allow eligible businesses to quickly extend their outdoor business.

As part of its $6.434 million relief and recovery program, the Council is also offering free parking for the first two hours in its off-street parking lots to encourage residents to return to the CBD.

Extended Outdoor Dining is an expedited permit that allows eligible businesses to expand their operations:

  • on the sidewalk outside your premises
  • on the sidewalk outside the neighboring premises
  • in an on-street parking space right in front of your business
  • in the alleys
  • in courtyards, public spaces or parks.

Extended outdoor dining permits are valid until June 30, 2022.

We assess eligibility for extended outdoor dining based on the following:

  • Is your hotel business registered in the Municipality of Frankston?
  • Does your business have a COVID-19 safety plan in place?
  • How will your business be able to handle social distancing?
  • How will your business be able to protect the safety of your customers?
  • Will the expansion of your dining room have an impact on access for pedestrians, residents and essential service vehicles?

This permit is free for all eligible hotel businesses in the Municipality of Frankston.

You will need a temporary limited license for extended outdoor dining. Apply to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR).

You need an extended outdoor dining permit from the Council before you can apply for the temporary license through VGCLR. For more information or to apply, please visit the VCGLR website.

To make the application process as fast as possible, we recommend that you:

  • Download and read it Extended guidelines for outdoor dining(PDF, 1011 KB).
  • Contact your insurance company to extend your liability. The permit requires $20 million in coverage.
  • If you plan to expand in front of a neighboring business, you will need a letter of support from the owner of the business.
  • Update your site plan (including the red line if your business has a liquor license).
  • Visit the VCGLR website to learn more about liquor license requirements.
  • Visit the Business Victoria website for more information on grants available to business owners. These grants can help pay for the cost of outdoor furniture, screens and umbrellas.

Submit your application

Last year the Council stepped up outdoor dining to support our local hospitality industry following the pandemic restrictions. From sidewalks, sidewalks, courtyards, public spaces and commercial parking lots (parklets), to our shade sails, umbrellas and planters, our city has been transformed to host some pretty awesome outdoor events or dining!

Following the massive feedback received from licensees and businesses, we reached out to the wider community to get their feedback on the future of the outdoor dining experience in our beloved Frankston. Over 700 results were received with major ideas shaping the future of the extended outdoor dining program; see the full survey results below.

Under the Outdoor Dining and Entertainment Program, $58 million in funding is available for unlicensed and licensed hospitality businesses, such as restaurants, cafes, pubs/taverns, bars, clubs and take-out places to help them adapt their business operations to focus on outdoor dining.

Eligible businesses can apply for a $5,000 grant under the Outdoor Dining and Entertainment package. One of the main eligibility criteria is that you must hold or have applied for the relevant permits for the expansion or improvement of outdoor catering and catering services.

Learn more about available grants.

Common questions about extended outdoor dining permits.

What is a parklet?

A parklet is where a business can trade via an adjacent curbside parking lot or that of a neighboring business. If your company has a suitable parklet location, you can express your interest by contacting us.

What is trail trading?

Sidewalk trading refers to using part of the pathway in front of your business for commercial purposes (like outdoor dining).

When is this happening?

This permit is currently available and valid until June 30, 2022.

For more information, please call us on 1300 322 322 or email

A member of our Business team is available Monday to Friday to answer your questions.