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Enlyte’s 2022 Trends Report Offers Strategies to Tackle Big Issues in Auto, Casualty and Workers’ Comp – InsuranceNewsNet




From inflation and regulatory issues to claims automation and the changing workforce, experts step in with a single view of the entire P&C landscape

As the country grapples with uncertainties related to inflation, contentious midterm elections, changing workforces and prescription drug costs, market leaders in the property and casualty insurance and collision repair seek applicable information and new solutions to address challenges.

To help insurance and automotive executives prepare for the year ahead, Enlyte today released its Trend report enlytened 2022. The annual publication provides valuable insight from renowned subject matter experts at Enlyte, the parent company of Mitchell, Genex and Coventry. In a comprehensive report covering a wide range of today’s most pressing issues, industry leaders present insights and data-driven trend forecasts in the collision and accident markets.

“Whether it’s changes in the workforce, inflation, supply chains or politics, with every new challenge for our industry comes an opportunity for growth and improvement for the people we serve,” said Alex Sun, CEO of Enlyte. “Whether it’s the impacts of automation or electrification, social inflation or social determinants of health, election results or drug price transparency, our subject matter experts take a closer look at the trends shaping our industry’s decision-making today, offering strategies to help them navigate whatever comes next.

Using a forward-looking approach, Enlyte ’22 The authors provide an in-depth assessment of issues the industry has faced over the past few years, such as supply chain issues and supplier shortages, and present strategies that industry leaders can use to solve difficult problems and achieve future goals.

Enlytened’s nine chapters address the issues that most concern leaders in property and casualty insurance and collision repair. Among these are:

  • Managing social inflation in a talent crisis—there is another type of inflation that converges with labor challenges – a trend of rising claims costs due to increased litigation settlements, larger jury decisions, bias growing anti-corporate and aggressive tactics used by plaintiffs’ attorneys.
  • Separating Fact from Fiction in Claims Automation—the industry is just beginning to reconcile early expectations with the current state of contactless claims. Our subject matter experts explain where we are today and what’s next for quote automation.
  • Increase drug price transparency—current and future Legislative and regulatory activity could impact the way pharmacy benefit managers practice, directly impacting workers’ compensation. Here’s what to look for.
  • Addressing the impact of workplace violence—incidents of violence continue to be a major concern for employers and remain one of the leading causes of workplace injuries. Enlyte’s subject matter experts provide approaches to managing traumatic stress within the organization.
  • Growing adoption of electric vehicles and impact on collision claims—With electric vehicle (EV) adoption at a tipping point, Enlyte authors reveal what insurers and collision repairers need to know about EVs and the impact on claims and recovery processes and costs repair.
  • The changing face of politics—the midterm election did not produce a “red wave” as many pundits had predicted. However, he gave a new generation of legislators to state capitals across the WE Enlyte’s regulatory experts offer insight into how these first-timers could affect future property and auto damage legislation.
  • Solving the Mystery of Return to Work Delays—When a workplace injury occurs, the focus is on healing the affected body part, but return-to-work specialists say those who follow this antiquated approach are missing out on a key ingredient for a quick recovery.

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Enlyte ( is the parent company of Mitchell, Genex and Coventry, leaders in cost containment technology, independent medical examinations (IMEs), provider and specialty networks, managed services case management, pharmaceutical benefits and disability management. Enlyte’s businesses align their joint industry expertise and advanced technology solutions into a combined organization of nearly 6,000 associates committed to simplifying and optimizing P&C and disability claims processes and services.

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