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Eddie Redmayne: 5 Movies That Made Me the Actor I Am




Eddie Redmayne began his career as an actor working on stage, before making his film debut in the 2006 psychological thriller Like the spiritsand the film directed by Robert De Niro the good shepherd that same year. Cut 10 years later, he won the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in 2014 The theory of everythingand earned another Best Actor nomination the following year for The Danish Girl.

“There’s so much adrenaline going through your body that night that weirdly, it’s impossible to remember,” Redmayne recalled after winning his Oscar. “But my overwhelming memory was right at the end of the night – so in the morning, I guess; I was staying at the Sunset Tower Hotel and a handful of friends came back to the room with me and my wife. It was the first time I was surrounded by a cocoon of people I knew and loved, and there was a moment when the sun rose over Sunset Boulevard where it momentarily sank. And, as a British actor , having come to LA for years and been through all those audition cliches, it felt like there was a romance in LA that was fully realized in that moment.”

The years that followed saw him play roles as disparate as that of magizoologist (the fantastic beasts franchise), a meteorologist (Aeronauts) and member of the Chicago Seven (The Chicago 7 Trial). Redmayne’s latest film sees him play a real-life serial killer, Charlie Cullen, in director Tobias Lindholm’s film. The good nurse.

The good nurse wasn’t a role I necessarily felt I was born to play — America’s most prolific serial killer — but Tobias saw something in me, and I’m glad he did. did,” the actor says. “It was a bit of a question mark for people around me and to be honest a lot of them haven’t seen the movie yet. So, we’ll see how I do!”

His versatility as a leading man is a reflection of the films that inspired and emboldened Redmayne throughout his career. Below, he shares with A.frame five of the films that made him the actor he is today.