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EastEnders spoilers (November 21 to 24)




EastEnders spoilers follow.

Next week on EastEndersJanine has a shock accident, Lexi discovers the devastating truth about Lola, while Rocky investigates Harvey’s mysterious online wife.

Here’s a complete collection of the 11 greatest moments to come:

1. Pregnant Janine has an accident

linda carter, janine boucher, eastenders


Linda is bewildered when she discovers Mick and Janine are at a baby scan, when she’s been left alone to run the pub.

Subsequently, Janine enjoys dumping her love rival Linda over her pregnancy. Linda does her best to ignore him and storms out.

Later, disaster strikes when Janine slips and falls down the stairs of the subway station.

2. Billy collapses over Lola’s diagnosis

lola pearce, jay mitchell, lexi mitchell, billy mitchell, eastenders


Billy struggles to stay on course as his granddaughter Lola prepares for her first round of radiation therapy.

As she prepares for treatment, Lola still hasn’t told her daughter Lexi that she’s been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Everything becomes too much for Billy and he collapses.

3. Harvey causes concern

Harvey Monroe, Eastenders


Rocky begins to worry when Harvey doesn’t show up for a pre-football game drink.

This prompts Rocky to realize that he hasn’t seen Harvey for a few days.

He enlists his friends Mitch and Stacey to search for the missing taxi driver. But when the search party enters Harvey’s apartment, they make an alarming discovery.

4. Linda supports Janine

linda carter, janine boucher, eastenders


Linda misses her appointment with her Community Reimbursement Officer, after finding Janine with the paramedics.

Despite their differences, Linda sticks by Janine as she rushes to the hospital to check on her unborn baby after the accident.

5. Ben pressures Lola to tell Lexi the truth.

lola pearce, ben mitchell, eastenders


Ben thinks it’s time for Lola to tell their daughter Lexi the truth about her brain tumor.

But Lola struggles with the effects of her radiation therapy and isn’t ready to break such devastating news to Lexi.

However, Ben remains worried that Lexi will soon guess something is wrong.

6. Rocky has a frying disaster

rocky, Eastenders


Kathy is rushed trying to make everything work in the Beale business empire.

She is annoyed that her boyfriend Rocky is more worried about her mate Harvey than supporting her.

Realizing the error of his ways, Rocky enlists Kathy’s grandson Bobby and family friend Freddie to help him fry cupcakes at Beale’s Plie. But things don’t quite go as planned.

7. Eve has a business proposal for Nish

eve unwin, eastenders


Suki and her husband Nish return home after a break from Albert Square.

Despite Suki’s attempts to push her away, Eve is determined to help the troubled mother after all the recent drama in the Panesar family.

So Legal Eagle Eve approaches Nish with an unexpected business proposition. What is that?

8. Janine is mad at Mick

janine boucher, eastenders


Janine is jealous when she sees Mick and Linda sharing a moment.

Janine feels that Mick should spend time with her after his accident.

She remains furious when Mick tries to justify his actions.

9. Lexi discovers the truth about Lola

lola pearce, lexi mitchell, eastenders


Lexi’s suspicions grow when a letter from the hospital arrives for her mother Lola.

The schoolgirl takes a look at the letter and discovers the truth about Lola’s hospital treatment.

Later, Lola is alarmed when she receives a phone call stating that Lexi never made it to school. When they find her, Lexi reveals that she read Lola’s letter and knows the truth.

Later, Lola finally decides to be honest with Lexi about her diagnosis.

10. Harvey’s New Romance Isn’t All It Seems

mitch baker, alfie moon, rocky, eastenders


Harvey is in love with Sophia, whom he has been messaging through a dating app.

But after Rocky talks to Alfie, he begins to worry that Harvey is being ‘catfished’ and that Sophia may not be who she claims to be.

Rocky decides to do some detective work to find out more about his friend’s mysterious wife.

11. Alfie receives more bad news

alfie moon, eastenders


The future holds for Alfie until he receives more bad news.

Later, Sharon shares some words of wisdom – but what will it mean for Alfie?

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also streaming on BBC iPlayer.

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