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Duolingo is now teaching math as well with a new app




Duolingo Math cover.jpg

We all know Duolingo like the language app, but do you know that it now teaches math? The company launched a new math app called Duolingo Mathematicswhich offers gamified courses with colorful animations and interactive exercises.

Duolingo Math brings two main components, an elementary level math curriculum and a brain training course. The first addresses classroom topics, while the second focuses on improving mental math skills for adults. If you are one of those people who are worried about math skills, this could be a great app to refresh yourself a bit.

Mathematics Duolingo 1.jpg

The math game is not something special, as we already have a handful in the market. However, Duolingo should be able to stand out among the offerings for the reputation it has built as the go-to language learning app. If you are interested, Duoling Math is free and you can download it from the Apple App Store. It’s unclear when it will arrive for Android users.

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