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Different results for Trackers clubs




The Northeast BC Midget Trackers returned home from a doubleheader at Whitecourt over the weekend, adding another tie to their record but also their first loss of the season.

Carver Lequiere scored twice; Taryn Hoskyn had the third Saturday in a 3-3 draw with the Wolverines.

Bane Hildebrand and MacCoy Willms each scored once on Sunday in a narrow 3-2 loss on Sunday morning.

It was a better spell for the Bantam Trackers, however, in their two-game home series against Fort McMurray.

On Saturday, Mason McGinnis and Jasmin Bueckert each had a goal and an assist as the Trackers edged the Junior Oil Barons 4-3.

McGinnis added another score on Sunday, as did Damon Clay, Shea Feener, Deacon Thomas and Easton Goulet in a follow-up 5-2 win over Fort Mac.

It was a tougher weekend for the U-13 peewee Flyers – down 12-2 at home on Saturday before a narrow 8-7 loss at Peace River.

Trae Alexander accounted for both Flyers goals on Saturday, while Channing Salinas had one goal and three assists on Sunday.

The Midget Trackers host Grande Prairie Friday (6 p.m.) and Peace River Sunday (1 p.m.) at Pomeroy.

The bantams are in Grande Prairie on Sunday.

The Flyers are inactive.