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Colin Trevorrow Just Nailed The Biggest Problem With Jurassic World



Colin Trevorrow Just Nailed The Biggest Problem With Jurassic World


jurassic world Director Colin Trevorrow just solved the show’s biggest problem and its ability to grow as a franchise. Starting with jurassic park in 1993, the film spawned a legacy that has survived for nearly three decades. jurassic park and jurassic world have always been trilogies whose future was in the past, if not the dinosaurs they gave life to, at least the nostalgia they inspire.

After the success of Steven Spielberg jurassic park, the novel’s original author, Michael Crichton, has been under more pressure than ever to produce a sequel. Although he hesitated to do so, he wrote The lost World, the only sequel novel. Suitable for the big screen like The Lost World: Jurassic Parkalthough Crichton never wrote another jurassic park book, the story continued through four more films and a television series.


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In a 2022 interview with Empire, jurassic world Trilogy director Colin Trevorrow discussed the show’s future and upcoming issues. In the interview, Trevorrow says the show has always been “impassable” and should not have continued beyond the first film. With each sequel further removed from the original, Trevorrow wasn’t wrong; jurassic park worked better as a standalone film, but that hasn’t stopped the series from trying to squeeze blood from a stone to recapture the charm, iconography, and success of the first film.

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With disappointing returns with increasingly bizarre ideas ranging from Jurassic World’s hybrids to human cloning and apocalyptic locust invasions, Trevorrow was right that the series should never have continued past its first outing. However, the fact is that despite their problems, a successful film franchise will continue regardless. According to Trevorrow:…of course they will want to make more money, which was the point of Jurassic World – a new dinosaur fan is born every day.jurassic world invoked too much nostalgia, and despite being considered one of the worst films, Jurassic World Dominion yet made over a billion dollars at the box office. If the public will see a Jurassic World 4 or a reboot is uncertain, but another movie is inevitable. jurassic park may be better suited to a single idea, but that’s clear; neither Universal nor the public are ready to close its doors.

A successor to Trevorrow’s trilogy doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it would be wise for Universal to wait before franchise fatigue further affects the series. With the collective critical response being one of the weakest in the series, Jurassic World Dominion was not “the end of an era“Most viewers were eager to see. Trevorrow’s Third jurassic world the film proved that there was not much they could do with the series before it started to lose its charm. Moreover, with three jurassic world movies and Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous between them, there was never a period when people lacked content. Some time between the next jurassic park movie and the jurassic world The trilogy would allow for new ideas and an opportunity for a new take, while making future films feel more important when the dinosaurs return to theaters.

Colin Trevorrow was right when he said that jurassic park was better as a solo feature. The jurassic world The trilogy may have continued the story, but for many it proved how far the series has come from its origins and that even a pop culture classic can run its course. However, as long as there is a story to tell and a thrilled audience, the film adaptations of Michael Crichton’s novels will never die down.

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