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Changan Automobile’s patent enables mutual charging between electric vehicles




Beijing (Gasgoo)- Chinese automaker Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. (Changan Automobile) has released its patent for vehicle charging, according to the company database Tianyancha.

Changan Automobile's patent enables mutual charging between electric vehicles

Light ; photo credit: Changan Auto

The patent is categorized as Methods, Devices, Equipment and Mutual Load Carriers. According to the description, the mutual charging method is able to obtain specific information about the vehicle model, its current remaining power, the current location of the vehicle and the location of nearby charging stations. During this time, the technology will determine the estimated power consumption required for the vehicle to arrive at a nearby charging station, in the event that the estimated power consumption is greater than the vehicle’s current remaining power, a request for Support will be generated by the system and sent to available support vehicles within the user’s preset range.

This system allows mutual assistance between owners of electric vehicles and allows owners of other electric vehicles to help others in need of charging through the call-for-help function of the system.

In particular, Changan Automobile has actively strengthened its presence in the field of new energy vehicles. The company introduced the Lumin mini-EV model and the SL03 electric sedan. The SL03 is the first production model under the automaker’s dedicated new energy vehicle brand, Shenlan.