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Chainsaw Man’s Aki Hayakawa Bends Reality In Epic CG Cosplay



chainsaw man aki kon gesture


This Aki Hayakawa cosplayer is able to effortlessly transition from the real world to that of Chainsaw Man with just a single word.

If fans have ever wondered what Chainsaw ManAki would look like a live-action adaptation, look no further.

貂蝉的腿毛, a cosplayer who regularly uploads his transformations to Chinese social media platform Douyin which is similar to TikTok, posted a breathtaking cosplay of Aki Hayakawa. The cosplayer used one of the scenes from Episode 4, when Aki tied his hair up, to start their video. The video cuts to them placing their foot on a small table, holding a piece of cardboard in their hand like a makeshift sword. At Aki’s “Kon”, the Fox Devil explodes from a building as the video instantly switches to an extraordinary CG version, with the change happening seamlessly. The video ends with Aki’s cosplayer staring at viewers through his “Kon” summons.

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Anime fans love the stylish editing

Many fans found themselves captivated by the video and praised the cosplayer’s editing. 貂蝉的腿毛 has already wowed fans with their other Ken Kaneki transformations from Tokyo Ghoul, Zenitsu Agatsuma’s demon slayer and The attack of the Titans’s Eren standing by the ocean. The cosplayer is well known in the cosplay community for his video editing prowess and transitions.

Written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, Chainsaw Man began serializing in Weekly Shōnen Jump in 2018. According to an Anime News Network interview with Fujimoto, the mangaka always wanted to serialize in Jump despite the darkness and graininess of the content, making it an unconventional Jump job. Aware that his series risks being buried if he made a “Jump-like manga”, the Chainsaw Man mangaka said he “tried to keep a lot of [his] individuality as a creator while only doing Jump-like structure and characters.”

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The first chapter of Chainsaw Man starts violently. Fujimoto immediately immerses readers in the dark and brutal world of the story when he introduces them to Denji, a young boy who struggles to repay his deceased father’s debt by performing strange tasks such as selling his body parts or killing demons. One night, the yakuza call Denji to an abandoned warehouse where they kill and slaughter him after making a deal with the Zombie Devil. Denji’s story could have ended there without his best friend, Pochita, an evil chainsaw dog who wanted to see Denji live out his dreams. By sacrificing himself, Pochita grants Denji the power to transform into a ruthless and fearless chainsaw man.

The first five episodes Chainsaw Man are available to stream on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

Source: Douyin