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Can a newbie enjoy ‘One Piece Film: Red’?



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In recent years, anime franchises have done a great job at the box office. This year Dragon Ball: Superheroes exceeded expectations en route to setting a number of box office records. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train last year’s performances may be more impressive as theaters were still operating at reduced capacity. Box One Piece Movie: Red continue the hot streak?

The anime has a passionate fanbase, and A play is one of the most popular. Even if it doesn’t reach the heights of films released in recent years, it should still do well financially. Contrary to demon slayer which was released at the end of a pandemic and dragonball which faced relatively weak competition, One Piece Movie: Red enters full operating rooms a week before the release of wakanda forever. For it to succeed, it will need to attract more than the expected fans.

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So can a beginner enjoy One Piece Movie: Red?

The quick answer is yes. Most animated movies tend to tell a broad story that everyone can enjoy while only touching on deeper aspects of the story that only fans will appreciate. This leads to stories that are accessible to more than a specific audience while appeasing longtime fans. It also means that storylines end up being generic fun that leaves no lasting impression.

One Piece Movie: Red offers a more complex answer. Yes, there is the basic setup which is accessible to any theater lover, but the movie itself brings different elements to the table. The premise revolves around the Straw Hats attending a concert given to reclusive singer Uta. It turns out that she is the daughter of Shanks and has a connection with Luffy.

The story is a comedic adventure that does a great job of mixing in catchy musical numbers. Most of them are uplifting, joy-filled pop ditties. Any story with pirates is going to be action-packed, but songs bring more fun. One Piece Movie: Red does not leave everything to the soundtrack, however. The animation is a mix of 2D and 3D and looks fantastic. The story can feel stripped down at times, but nuanced characters keep things engaging.

One Piece Movie: Red hits theaters November 4

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