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Burnham-On-Sea Foodbank sees rising demand as it provides 20,400 meals




Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge Foodbank are seeing growing demand for its service as the cost of living crisis hits some residents.

The Highbridge Area Food Bank, which supplies food to locals from its two bases at Burnham Methodist Church and Hope Baptist Church, is reporting record demand.

Food bank organizer Maxine Bashford told “Already this year we have donated food to more people than in the whole of 2021. To date, this is the equivalent of some 20,400 meals.

“The month-to-month demand has increased, particularly from family groups with children who now account for 1/3 of those receiving emergency assistance food Support.”

“Over the past few months, we have purchased over 2,500 kg of food with money donated by our supporters.

She adds: “While we remain extremely well supported by our local community, we ask anyone considering donating food to view our website, our Facebook page or use the ‘Bank the Food App’ where the most needed articles of the week are listed.

food bank donation

“This way, donations will support our stock-outs and be used faster. Currently, we no longer need pasta, baked beans or cereal for breakfast. As always, we cannot distribute perishable or perishable products foodformula or items containing alcohol.

From December 1-3, the food bank will hold its annual in-store Christmas collection at Tesco in Burnham-On-Sea.

“We are looking for volunteers to support this collection, and anyone who can help or would like to know more should contact us by email at,” she says.