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Blur tool for images coming up in WhatsApp web and mobile applications



Blur tool for images


In the next few days, WhatsApp will receive five important updates. Since the app is used by billions of people every day, WhatsApp frequently adds new features and updates to keep things interesting. There are features for usability, privacy, and other things. Recently, WhatsApp online added the ability to create custom stickers, and mobile and desktop apps are expected to have a few new features soon.

Automatically download media to your desktop

Soon, desktop Windows and macOS WhatsApp users will be able to specify their preferred settings for automatic image, video, and document downloads. Currently, the feature is only available for beta desktop users.

Save different photos for different people in group chats

Setting profile pictures for specific friends in group chats is another WhatsApp feature under development. When you receive a message in the group, the profile pictures of the members appear. The default profile icon will appear in the chat if a group member’s profile picture is unavailable or disabled by privacy settings.

You can now chat with yourself

WhatsApp users can currently only send messages to each other. By including “send yourself a message” in the chat caption, the platform will use the new feature to draw attention to that conversation. To make it easier for users to access their own conversations, WaBetaInfo said the option to chat with your phone number will also be available in your WhatsApp contact list.

Transfer media with subtitles included

Soon, WhatsApp users will be be power at send documents, videos, GIFs, and photographs, with captions, included. The characteristic is now available in WhatsApp beta for android through Google To play Store. This is likely at spread at further away devices as good.

Blur tool for images

Some PC beta testers may currently experience image blurring. By using this program, WhatsApp users can secretly remove sensitive information from their photos. According to the report, WhatsApp has developed two image blurring tools that allow users to apply different blurring effects to their photos. Users can also select the blur size to apply the effect precisely.