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Bleach Deserves Another Shot at a Video Game



Bleach Revival New Game


To the surprise of many, new episodes of Bleach are airing, which means more Bleach games have the potential to be developed.

The story of Bleach was long and strange indeed. Once counted among the “Big Four” Shonen Jump series alongside dragonball, narutoand A play, Bleach fell out of favor near the end of his manga and anime series. Thanks to the drop in interest, the Bleach The anime was canceled in 2012 before it could adapt the manga’s final arc, and the manga itself was forced to rush to an end in 2016 for similar reasons and the failing health of mangaka Tite Kubo. What was once Kubo’s magnum opus had been disgraced and seemingly forgotten.


However, Bleach proved to be as tenacious as its protagonist Ichigo. After a few mandatory appearances in video games in major crossovers like jump strengththe Bleach the anime suddenly returned in 2022. This may be due to Tite Kubo’s successful sequel burn the witch, but whatever it is, the Pierrot studio will finish what it started. The Bloody Thousand Year War arc that concluded the manga is now being adapted for the anime and could bring the series to a more satisfying conclusion. With Bleach returning to the scene, it would be nice to see him get another crack at a video game before finishing what will likely be his final sprint.

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Now is the perfect time to create a new whitening game

bleach: tybw - ichigo trapped

The landscape of anime games hasn’t changed much over the years Bleach was gone. There are still licensed fighting games and RPGs coming out, alongside the casual adventure title or other action-based experience. dragonball, narutoand A play are all still producing games, and new properties like my hero academia and demon slayer also spent their time in the sun. Space isn’t as cluttered as it used to be, so there’s more room than ever for Bleach make a big comeback.

Moreover, if there is time left to make a Bleach video game is right now. naruto and dragonball made series of sequels to extend their lifespan, and A play, even in its final major arc, still has a long way to go. Whereas burn the witch is Bleach‘s sequel, it’s unclear how it will play out after its release. Bleach isn’t going to get much time in the spotlight with some competition ever present, and he needs to make the most of it. A marketing push will be needed to restore the franchise’s notoriety, and a video game at the end of Blood War’s run will help with that.

Bleach could work in many game genres

Whiten dark souls

Now that Bleach has motives for making a game, he just has to choose his method. The time-tested practice of making fighting games out of anime is more prevalent than ever, and the Thousand Year Blood War provides a good framework for that. The only problem with this is that the adaptation BleachThe huge cast of could make a game’s mechanical depth suffer. Bleach had a surprisingly good track record with its fighting games, with a few DS games made by Treasure and all seven games heat the soul series on PSP. A traditional fighting game in the vein of those titles would be ideal, but an arena fighter would do the job.

Of course, a Shonen Jump property doesn’t have to resign itself to making a fighting game. Bleach doesn’t need to go wild as wild with her kind as Dragon Ball: The Breakers, but it would be wise to move away from the historically poor approach to licensed fighting games. An action-adventure where Ichigo fights through some of the BleachThe best battles of or the Bloody Thousand Year War itself will appeal to fans and open the door to lots of interesting gameplay. Whichever approach is chosen, BleachThe reappearance of on TV deserves a video game to commemorate his return to fame.

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