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Best Travel Insurance Plans In 2022 – Forbes Advisor INDIA




To be able to choose the best travel insurance plan in India, you need to consider some key factors. These factors will help you decide whether your travel insurance plan is useful when you’re suddenly stuck and whether your travel insurance company has the provision you need to get you or your loved ones out of tricky issues. to travel.

Flight changes

Your travel insurance plan should be able to adapt to changes in your travel plans, especially if they are related to flight cancellations. Some policies also allow rescheduling of a flight due to unforeseen events and may be worth considering.

Medical emergencies

An ideal travel insurance policy should be able to facilitate the maximum possible medical assistance, especially in the event of unexpected hospitalization. If your policy does not include medical aid, the expenses related to emergencies in a foreign country could be greater than expected.

Other emergencies

It is difficult to predict an expected emergency such as a natural situation, including floods, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions, and a man-made situation, such as robberies, wars, or curfews . Your travel insurance policy facilitating coverage for such emergencies would ensure that you don’t burn your pockets without mistake on your part while traveling.

To choose the right plan, carefully consider these factors:


Never assume the type of coverage your travel insurance plan offers. A thorough study of the policy document to find out what types of expenses are covered during your trip can save you time and money.

Additional passengers

Consider adding endorsements that can ease any emergency. When purchasing your policy, ask for additional endorsements, especially if you are traveling abroad.

Claims ratio

It is essential to know the ratio of claims that your insurance company has paid on an annual basis. This loss ratio is readily available and for any insured, a policy would only make sense if the possibility of being able to claim his expenses easily exists.