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Best sports bras for running 2022: Support and comfort





As my family, friends, co-workers, Instagram followers, and anyone I’ve spoken to for longer than five minutes knows, I ran a marathon.

I’ve talked about this endlessly but there is one aspect of long distance training that is rarely mentioned: friction. If referenced, it’s never in detail what you’re about to read, so if you’re easily put off, keep scrolling.

I didn’t expect the throbbing pain after the pounding of the pavement to be my skin rather than my muscles. In fact, the latter was nothing compared to the long-lasting redness and scabs that come, go, and reappear at the end of every high-mileage run. For many workouts, the crotch is the most painful area, but for me it was the rubbing of my sports bra.

Not only is it an extremely sensitive area, but it’s also not the most attractive to be covered in scars, especially if a beach break is on the horizon. So, with raw red underbusts and post-scarred streaks on my chest, armpits and chest, I set myself the mission you read today: find a sports bra that won’t chafe – even during marathons, ultras and Ironman. A feat that I wasn’t quite sure was possible.

Finding the perfect sports bra isn’t easy at the best of times – without even taking on the added challenge of 3+ hours of running. You have to consider feel, fit and function in equal measure and yet the three don’t always go hand in hand. For larger busts, style often has to be figured out to allow for fit, while feel tends to take precedence over support. Can’t we have it all?

The importance of choosing the right one cannot be underestimated. The wrong sports bra can actually hamper your performance, where research by running specialists at Brooks and biomechanics experts at the University of Portsmouth suggests that the wrong support can shorten length. of the stride up to four centimeters. That’s an extra mile during a marathon, and trust me, you’ll be pushed enough on race day without having to deal with more than the designated 26.2 miles.

Shop sports bras below that minimize chafing through high intensity and endurance training.

Alo Yoga Power Play High Impact Bra

Hello Yoga

You’ll probably have spotted Alo Yoga on your Instagram feed, but don’t dismiss this brand as all style, no substance. It has some of the finest products on the market with comfort and support combined. You can’t ignore style points either, going for hues of red, purple as well as a more neutral black.

There are adjustable straps for support as well as hook and eye closures to ensure the perfect fit, but as far as chafing goes, the performance fabric and soft skin feel will keep you going for the longest miles. . As a bonus, it is easy to slip into difficult designs at height.

Nike FE/NOM Flyknit


With the stretchy design of this innovative Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Bra, you don’t have to settle for seams and bounce when you run longer runs. It works with a compression design that keeps everything in place and secure as you move. The beauty of the design is that if you prefer a tighter feel you can size down, while if you find the former too restrictive you can size up. Durability is also a testament to build quality.

Adidas Ultimate Alpha Bra


Removable cups and adjustable straps are great when you’re looking for a design to suit your fit, but it’s precisely these things that can cause problems during intense sweat sessions.

For this reason, Adidas forgoes these classic design details to create the Ultimate Alpha Bra. The piece is created with a compression fit, with mesh for breathability and a specialized fabric that wicks away moisture while being soft against the skin. The elastic hem keeps everything in place and the quality ensures it will see you through your training, race day and beyond.

Sweaty Betty Stamina Sports Bra, Black

sweaty betty

Sweaty Betty is known for fashion-forward sportswear that’s packed with performance details, and this sports bra is no different.

It has less coverage than some of the other options on the list and medium rather than high support, but it may be more comfortable for those with an AC cup. It is characterized by its compression construction, which will allow you to do relaxed runs as well as activities such as boxing, yoga or spinning by minimizing rebounds. There are the added benefits of a bottom band as well as waffle perforation which encourages breathability. It’s all in the fabric with this one that’s soft, comfortable and has a simple approach to care.

Lululemon Enlite High Support Woven Back Bra


There’s a reason Lululemon is still a regular feature at ‘best’ sportswear gatherings, the Canadian sportswear brand delivers quality pieces where design meets performance. It’s the best of both worlds.

The Enline was designed from the ground up to be worn for racing. It’s made to work with you, not against you during runs and runs in the park. It supports natural movement with its design where the cups are integrated and the material is buttery soft.

The lightweight design is easy to take on and off thanks to the hook and eye closure and it won’t interfere or chafe thanks to the way it sits flush. Likewise, the bottom band encourages support, but it’s covered in the same luxe fabric to prevent chafing. What seems almost unbelievable is how it retains its molded shape despite continuous washing.

Women’s UA Infinity High Sports Bra

under protection

The Infinity sports bra is cult and for good reason. It has a barely there feel and yet is very supportive, working overtime to keep you focused on the race at hand, rather than worrying about fiddling with your kit.

The cups are molded to maintain coverage and comfort without feeling tight and restrictive when moving. There are also mesh panels to aid ventilation and this is one of the easiest designs to get on and off. Sweat-wicking material works overtime to keep you cool, calm and serene.

Bra Varley Let’s Go Staunton


London meets LA at Varley, known for its sleek fitness wear that puts design first. Just look at the bold prints to see this isn’t your average sportswear.

The Stuanton was created to sit perfectly under your top – without feeling bulky or awkward – or to be worn on its own, letting the Scattered Shadow look shine through when you hit the trail. You might not think it just by looking at the piece, but it has a compression fit for support as well as a long line and wider strap construction.

Gymshark Open Back Sports Bra


Gymshark’s reputation lives on and once you try their kit you’ll see what it’s all about. With such a lightweight design, we wouldn’t blame you if you thought it couldn’t handle those 15+ mile runs, but it’s complete with pre-shaped cups, elastic band, breathable front panel and back in mesh, it all comes together. to prove that it is ready for training. With friction in mind, the brand has also left tags behind so nothing stands between you and the finish line.

Panache underwired sports bra, heather gray


From the first appearance, you can tell that this sports bra takes a different approach to its design. Instead of the typical nylon fabric, it’s made from a skin-friendly heather gray cotton-polyamide blend. That being said, it offers all the breathability you need and has impressive sweat-wicking abilities. One for larger busts, there’s wire wrapped in padding as well as straps that can be shaped like a racerback to further enhance support.