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Best Auto Clickers for Mac (Free and Paid) in 2022




Last updated November 2, 2022

Auto clicker is software that performs automatic clicks at a rapid pace. Other automatic clickers are either activated to repeat the recorded input or generated by different settings currently stored on your Mac. Therefore, Auto Clicker is a great helper for the overworked or lazy multitasker. Moreover, it is also a perfect tool for gamers. So, with auto clickers, you don’t have to worry about excessive pressure on your fingers from thousands of clicks.

There are many auto clickers for mac software available on the market. However, some of them can be malware and potentially damage your Mac. Therefore, we have listed Best Auto Clickers for Macwhich are considered safe and easy to use.

Auro clickers for Mac computer

1. Auto Click for Mac

MurGaa has developed auto clicker for mac along with several other auto clicker software over time. However, Auto Clicker for mac is best of all.

Auto clicker for mac can be configured to perform infinite number of clicks. Moreover, it only stops manually with a keyboard shortcut or by clicking the stop button. This software allows you to set the maximum number of clicks. Therefore, it is more suitable for click-based games. Moreover, you can also customize the delays between clicks in seconds or milliseconds.

Using MurGaa Auto selectors, the user can automate left and right mouse clicks. Additionally, you can choose to click action left, right, center, double click, scroll up, scroll down, or hold left button. Additionally, you can set clicker 1 for mouse options or clicker 2 for mouse or keyboard action.

Auto clicker for mac offers a free trial, after which you have to pay $6.54 for six months on a single mac device. However, auto clickers for mac are compatible with 64-bit Intel machines, Apple M1 and latest versions of mac.

2. Mac Auto Mouse Click

Mac Auto Mouse Click is developed by murGaa and is excellent for complex click scripts. Moreover, Auto Mouse Click on Mac allows you to script mouse clicks. Additionally, you can configure the keyboard shortcuts available in the software with a selected mouse action to create an automated script.

At a predefined location, this mac automation software automates mouse clicks. Moreover, you can easily configure predefined X and Y coordinates for each click. Moreover, it does not require any special coding or programming knowledge. Place the cursor and tell Mac Auto Mouse to click to save the location with the hotkey and also set the type of click whether left or right or any other at that saved location. Additionally, you can set a minimum and maximum delay before the action in milliseconds.

Once you are done creating a mouse click script, there are two ways to run it. The first is to click the Start/Stop mouse button and click on the software screen. And the second way is to customize a keyboard hotkey to start/stop automated mouse clicks.

Auto Mouse Click offers a free trial; after that it requires a payment of $9.87 for up to 6 months on a single mac. Also, the prerequisite for running mouse automation software is that you need Mac OS X or later.

3. Mac Auto Clicker

Mac Auto Clicker, developed by “Filehorse”, is the best auto clicker software for beginners. The Mac Auto Clicker is a freeware with almost all the utilities like the paid ones. Moreover, you can manage the intervals before clicks and between clicks as you wish.

Moreover, you can “set auto off after click” “X” a certain number of times and set “auto off after click” in seconds. However, for quick customization, you can set the click speed between “Very slow” and “Very quickly.” You can also choose from left-click, right-click, or double-click.

The Software primarily supports macOS Yosemite (OS X 10.10) and earlier. Therefore, if you want to use it on macOS X 10.15 Catalina and later, you have to go through this “unofficial patch”.

4. Click Wait

Do you have RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome? You will find the Dwell Click app a godsend. Dwell click allows you to click on a mac screen without physically clicking the mouse or trackpads. Additionally, you need to point using your mouse or trackpad, and Dwell click clicks for you. This reduces the clicks and taps you make on your mouse pad or trackpad.

Live click is not just about auto click. It also moves and resizes windows and drags and drops windows. To use these functions, you must press the “Fn” key on the mac keyboard while DwellCLick is active and select the click type from the pop-up panel. You can also set different preferences to enable/disable certain clicks and features in the app.

It is also equipped with hands-free options if you use a head tracker for navigation on mac. Moreover, you can also configure your hotkeys for each type of key to click using the keyboard. It also supports audio and visual feedback. The Dwell Click offers a free trial. However, once it ends, you need to pay $9.99 to use it further.

5.Quick Clicker

Fast Clicker is developed by MurGaa and is a simple and easy to use automatic Mac mouse clicker. Surprisingly, it is a small auto click tool with feature sets. Feature-rich Fast Clicker is a great little utility for quick and repetitive clicks on mac. Also, you need to press software button or use hotkey to start and stop auto clicks. The Quick Clicker’s small window is easily draggable on the screen; even you can minimize it and use keyboard keys to start/stop auto click.

The most attractive feature of this software is “Random time delay”, which means you can’t get caught by the system. Also, you need to enter a time range for the software to automatically change the delay between clicks from the given time range. Additionally, you must enter a number of clicks for the auto-click to stop after that number of clicks. However, if you have set an infinite number of clicks, you must press stop on the software or on the hotkey.

If you want to use automation software after the free trial, you need to pay $6.54 to use it on a single Mac for up to 6 months.


1. What is a good Auto Clicker for Mac?

The right auto clicker for Mac lets you set up a click count or infinite clicks with customizable delays between clicks. Additionally, you can start/stop the automation process with buttons in the software or hotkeys. For example, good auto clickers for mac are Auto Clicker for Mac, Mac Auto Mouse click, Mac Auto clicker, Dwell Click, Fast Clicker, etc. Also, for a detailed overview of this automation software, please read the article above.

2. Is there an Auto Clicker for Mac?

Yes, there are several auto-clickers available. Also, some are free, while others come with a free trial, after which it becomes paid. To know the best auto clickers for mac, refer to the above article.

3. Which is the most reliable Auto Clicker for Mac?

MurGaa’s automatic clickers are generally the most reliable.

4. Does GS Auto Clicker work on Mac?

Sorry, but no GS Auto Clicker works on Windows computers only.

5. Is GS Autoclicker a virus?

No, GS Autoclicker is not a virus but a legitimate repetitive auto-clicker software for Windows.

6. How do I enable Auto-Selector on Mac?

There is no built-in auto click app on mac. Therefore, you need to download any legit auto clicker software from their website first, and after installation, you can use it. You can also check the above article for the best auto clicker software for your Mac.

7. Are auto-clicks allowed in Roblox?

Auto-clickers are not allowed on Roblox; therefore, it is considered a banable offense. If you do, you will be banned for cheating.

8. Is there a real automatic clicker?

All the auto click software mentioned in the article are the best and the most real.

9. Which Autoclicker should I use?

Several auto clicker software are available with various same or distinct features. Therefore, you must choose the best one that suits your needs. We have mentioned the best auto clicker for mac with detailed description in the above article, which can help you significantly.

10. Is MurGaa auto clicker safe for Mac?

Yes, MurGaa auto clicker is legit and safe auto clicker software.

11. How to download Autoclicker on Mac?

To download any Auto clicker software on mac, visit the software’s dedicated website. Also, follow the instructions below to download and install Autoclick software on your Mac.

Step 1 → From the legitimate Auto Clicker website, click Download to save the setup file to the downloads folder or another folder on your Mac.

Step 2 → Now go to the Downloads folder in Finder or other folder where you downloaded the auto picker configuration file.

Step 3 → Next, right-click on the installer file and from the drop-down menu click Open.

Step 4 → Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup wizard.

Enjoy automatic clicking without hand fatigue.

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