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AvantStay Offers Trip Protection From Allianz Partners




WHY IT RATES: AvantStay customers will now have access to Allianz’s award-winning travel insurance for trip cancellations and interruptions and the company’s excellent travel assistance services should they have any questions.—Patrick Clarke, TravelPulse Editor-in-Chief

AvantStay, the first hotel platform transforming short-term rentals for the way people travel and invest today, has selected Allianz Partners to protect its customers with trip cancellation and interruption coverage and 24-hour travel assistance and 7 days a week.

For peace of mind during their trip, AvantStay customers will have access to Allianz travel insurance for trip cancellations and interruptions and Allianz’s award-winning travel assistance services in case of questions.

“We are committed to making every stay as memorable and carefree as possible as we continue to lead the charge in reinventing hospitality for group travel and vacation rentals,” said Sean Breuner, CEO and Founder of AvantStay. . “With the ever-changing travel landscape, our partnership with Allianz Partners is just one more way to provide our customers with peace of mind for their journey, knowing that they can be protected against certain unexpected events that could impact their trip.”

“We are delighted to offer our travel protection products to travelers staying at AvantStay’s diverse portfolio of 1,500 vacation rental properties in more than 100 destinations,” said Tom Trotta, vice president of sales at Allianz. PartnersUSA. “AvantStay customers who opt for travel protection can enjoy their trip knowing that we are here 24/7 to help overcome most travel-related mishaps and make every stay even more enjoyable.”

“Our customers will be able to book their stays with us worry-free with the added benefit of Allianz Travel Insurance integrated seamlessly into our booking platform. Just as we use technology to provide customers with a personalized experience during their stay, we We will continue to leverage technology to ensure a curated and thoughtful experience to meet every guest’s needs before and after their stay,” said Reuben Doetsch, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of AvantStay.

Allianz Partners trip cancellation and interruption coverage can include up to 25 different covered reasons that may cause an AvantStay customer to cancel or interrupt their trip, such as unexpected illness or injury, individually ordered mandatory quarantine due to illness related to the outbreak and hurricane warnings or mandatory destination evacuations, among other covered reasons.

AvantStay customers who purchase Allianz travel insurance will have access to Allianz’s award-winning TravelSmart mobile application. The app includes an Alert Center feature that provides users with location-specific travel alerts. The TravelSmart mobile app is the fastest and easiest way to access a travel insurance plan, file and manage a claim, track flights, receive live updates in case of delay and easily contact 24-hour travel assistance services.

THE SOURCE: AvantStay press release.