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Austin American-Statesman Commentary Roundup: Oct. 30, 2022



This image released by ABC shows Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas during an appearance on  "View" in New York on October 24, 2022.


Houston Chronicle

Editorial from October 25, “The 988 crisis hotline is in demand. Crisis counselors deserve more help.”

A more robust 988 hotline infrastructure – infrastructure that more people know, trust and feel they can call – will also likely mean that fewer people will contact law enforcement first in an emergency. mental health crisis. That could mean fewer people across the state being brought into the criminal justice system and less stress on jails and sheriff’s deputies, mirroring partnerships already existing in Houston and Harris County.

As the Chronicle’s “In Crisis” investigative series showed, the mental health care ecosystem in Texas is filled with skilled, fiercely dedicated, and passionate people who take on the chimerical mission of maintaining an incredibly overstretched infrastructure. There are not enough mental health beds; it is difficult to find a therapist and even more difficult to find a psychiatrist; and especially outside of the state’s major metropolitan areas, resources for children and anyone suffering from acute mental health crises are nearly non-existent.