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Anne Frank’s Best Friend ‘Hanneli’ aka Hannah Pick-Goslar Dies at 93




Hannah Pick-Goslar, who was one of Jewish columnist Anne Frank’s best friends, has died aged 93, according to the foundation that runs the Anne Frank House museum. Before World War II, Anne and Hannah went to school together and their families lived side by side. Pick-Goslar is mentioned in Frank’s famous diary, where she calls him “Hanneli”. “Hanneli and Sanne were my two best friends. People who saw us together always said, ‘There’s Anne, Hanne and Sanne,'” Anne Frank wrote in her diary on June 14, 1942. They separated in 1942 when the Frank family separated. hid but reunited briefly in February 1945, at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany, shortly before Anne Frank died of typhus. Pick-Goslar recounted their friendship in Memories of Anne Frank; Reflections of a childhood friend, which was made into a movie last year titled My best friend Anne Franck. The Anne Frank Foundation paid tribute to Pick-Goslar for perpetuating the memory of her friend.

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