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Andrew Marr: Talk of peace in Ukraine is ‘good news in a shaky world’




November 14, 2022, 6:13 PM

Tonight with Andrew Marr

Tonight with Andrew Marr.

Photo: LBC

Talking about peace in Ukraine is “good news in an unstable world”, said Andrew Marr.

Opening LBC’s Tonight with Andrew Marr, the presenter spoke about the progress being made between different countries around the world, including between the United States and China and Ukraine and Russia.

“Great things are happening in the world and for once it’s not all bad news,” Andrew said.

“At the TN International Summit in Bali, Indonesia, US President Joe Biden spoke to his Chinese counterpart, Xi, for help in ending the deadly war in Ukraine.

“If you’re skeptical, skepticism is never a bad idea in world politics.”

He continued: “Now, in terms of hope for a more secure and stable world, nothing – nothing – is more important than warmer relations between the United States and China.

“Meanwhile, in Ukraine itself, President Zelensky was able to visit the southern city of Kherson which his army recaptured when the Russians recrossed its river.

“‘We are ready for peace, peace for our whole country,’ he said.

“It doesn’t mean a deal is coming, or that it’s close, but all of the above – the Ukrainian flag in Kherson, the peace talks, the possible involvement of China – is good news in an unstable world.”

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Andrew continued: “So, in a much smaller and more local way, is the agreement signed today between Britain and France to curb the passage of dinghies carrying migrants across the English Channel.

“London will pay Paris around £8 million extra for more French patrols.

“That, of course, will not stop the problem. As Home Secretary Suella Braverman has said, there is no magic bullet.

“But that’s certainly not bad news. I’ll be talking to former Foreign Office chief Lord – Simon – McDonald shortly about these stories but also about a small local difficulty here in Westminster – a matter of the prime judgment of the minister, not on figures but on people.

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“Following Gavin Williamson’s departure following accusations of bullying, Deputy Prime Minister himself Dominic Raab is under fire for the same.

“There were reports this morning of a whole handful of high-ranking diplomats complaining about his behavior as Foreign Secretary.

“So what did Sir Simon, as he was then, do with these stories from inside the Foreign Office?”