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An entrepreneur’s guide to jobs working with animals




Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Other trends include eco-friendly dog ​​shampoos and products to meet changing demand. Deloitte research shows that consumers are increasingly looking for a sustainable lifestyle, and 40% are choosing brands that have environmentally friendly practices or values.

With that in mind, could you offer a plastic-free alternative to traditional pet products? How about looking at how sustainable your manufacturing process is and the materials you use? Be sure to avoid greenwashing, however, and be open and honest about how you conduct your business.

Pet blogger or writer

Although you won’t work directly with pets, writing about animals is a creative option for entrepreneurs interested in the industry.

For example, animal charity jobs might involve freelance writing to provide content for their website, blog, or social media. You’ll probably want to have a broad portfolio to start with, but as you gain experience, you’ll be able to choose your clients based on your interests and passions.