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A Landmark Evolution of the Workforce Agility Platform to Support the Future of Internal and External Talent Acquisition




NEW YORK, November 02, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gloat, the leading provider of workforce agility and pioneers of the AI-powered talent marketplace, today announced the introduction of Gloat Hiring, an extension flagship workforce agility platform that enables companies to integrate internal mobility models with talent acquisition campaigns. Leveraging the same technology designed to break down functional silos and understand the skills, abilities and roles of a company’s existing workforce, Gloat Hiring extends those capabilities to effectively leverage external talent and optimize staffing and recruitment models.

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“Our expansion into talent acquisition and candidate experience marks an important milestone for workforce agility and Gloat’s own story,” said Ben Reuveni, co-founder and CEO of Gloat. “Gloat Hiring has always been part of our vision, but we knew we had to solve the toughest problem by first activating the potential of the companies existing workforce. With Gloat Hiring, HR is no longer forced to assess internal and external talent pools separately from each other. We are adding the next piece to the puzzle and connecting organizations with the most qualified people, wherever they are, through a talent ecosystem of next generation driven by workforce intelligence.”

In a context of ongoing workforce transformation, companies are turning to competency-based models and rethinking their approach to the workforce. In a recent survey, 90% of business leaders say they are experimenting with skills-based work strategies, but 60% believe that splitting work into multiple project-based assignments is the best way to operate moving forward. . Gloat has established its expertise in helping companies find skills and upskill quickly, and its Talent Marketplace highlights qualified talent to support internal mobility and gig economy models for industry leaders. industry around the world. Companies can browse submitted candidates based on their relevant skills data, aspirations, experiences, and potential to facilitate upskilling and growth in the workplace.

Gloat Hiring raises the bar on what it means to be a truly agile workforce, providing complete talent visibility so organizations can skillfully manage or scale their workforce between internal and external talent sources, according to their needs. In times of rapid growth, market volatility, and inevitable turnover, talent is too often scattered across different HR systems that don’t share skill-based data. The Workforce Agility platform, which supports an internal-first approach to provide companies and employees with the smoothest path to achieving their goals, now also provides a robust pool of external candidates. With a bird’s-eye view of their options and powerful workforce intelligence, recruiters and managers can avoid making bad hiring decisions and ensure their company is ready for anything.

Designed to understand the nuances of any business in the context of market trends, Gloat’s platform now helps talent acquisition teams quickly discover the right people and skills for any job, project or initiative. Gloat Hiring powers four key features:

  • Supply: Discovers strong external candidates through public sources (jobboards, LinkedIn, contractors and gig platforms) and within existing systems (ATS, CRM, HCM, VMS) and compares these profiles side by side with internal talent , promoting a fair approach and fair selection process.

  • Talent Pools: Creates talent pipelines around critical skill or role needs, fueled by workforce intelligence-driven recommendations to ensure qualified talent is identified; nurtures and nurtures strong relationships to keep talent ready on demand.

  • Screening: Highlights skills match and aspirations to show why a candidate is recommended for a role and allows hiring teams to easily advance or deny talent or save it to a talent pool for future review.

  • Career Navigator: Attracts more qualified talent with a skills-based candidate experience that gives candidates clarity on how their skills and aspirations stack up against a job and what their career path at your company might look like; recommends free learning content to help candidates qualify for a position with your company.

These features help candidates research more information about jobs and company culture before their next career move. Gloat Hiring gives people more access and control over their potential path within an organization. Each candidate’s view on a career site powered by Gloat Hiring is personalized, displaying how their skills stack up and what their career development might look like along many paths.

“We built Gloat Hiring with the same sophisticated technology that powers our vibrant internal talent marketplace,” said Danny Shteinberg, co-founder and CMO of Gloat. “Gloat’s platform can now identify the same skills, aspirations, experiences and competencies of talent outside of a company as it does for employees within an organization. As a result, Gloat Hiring uncovers more qualified external candidates and so talent acquisition teams can find the perfect fit for a critical role Hiring managers no longer have to compare talent profiles built from inherently different data They can match internal and external candidates to make fair and just decisions.

To learn more about Gloat Hiring, check out Gloat’s blog.

About Gloat

Gloat is an industry-leading workforce agility platform that empowers companies to move like a startup and run like a business. Bringing together the world’s first AI-powered talent marketplace with rich and dynamic workforce intelligence, the Gloat platform enables companies to develop and deploy their talent, while understanding and adapting continuously their workforce to changing needs. With Gloat, companies are ready to manage change quickly, retain critical skills, and build a future-proof workforce.

Some of the world’s largest companies trust Gloat including Unilever, Schneider Electric, Standard Chartered Bank, PepsiCo, Nestle, Novartis, HSBC, Seagate and many more.

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