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7 of the Best Inventory Management Software for Retail Companies




Inventory management software for retail businesses

The editors of Solutions Review have compiled the following list to highlight some of the best inventory management software for retail businesses to consider.

Inventory management, control and tracking tools are essential for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. These solutions are often bundled with manufacturing, distribution, warehouse management, and supply chain software, but can work independently or as an add-on platform to extend a company’s management capabilities. Inventory management is an essential tool for retail businesses because they need full control and visibility over their inventory levels at all times.

With that in mind, the Solutions Review team has compiled the following list to shed light on some of the best inventory management software solutions for retail businesses of all sizes. Our editors selected these software solutions based on each vendor’s authority score, a meta-analysis of user sentiment via the web’s most trusted enterprise software review sites, and our criteria for exclusive inclusion in five points. The list is organized in alphabetical order.

The best inventory management software for retail businesses



The description: Acumatica provides cloud-based, browser-based business management software solutions for small and medium enterprises. Retailers can use Acumatica’s suite of connected apps to manage inventory, multi-channel customer orders, customer relationships, finances, and more. His inventory-specific abilities include quality traceability, batch control, streamlined item management, replenishment, automated ordering, 360 degree visibility, stocking level management, location management and other tools to simplify processes and reduce costs.

blue link

Blue link - logo

The description: Blue Link’s ERP offers a fully integrated “all-in-one” solution for small and medium distributors and wholesalers. Along with its e-commerce ERP solution, Blue Link provides a suite of inventory management features. These include multi-company transfer management, backorder processing, serialized inventory, BOM, EDI integrations, warehouse transfer management, automated replenishment routines, and more. The platform also offers pre-built e-commerce integrations with platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Magento, and eBay.


Fish bowl - logo

The description: Fishbowl provides manufacturing and warehouse management solutions tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses. Its product suite includes an inventory management system that offers features that businesses in the retail industry can benefit from. These include multi-location tracking, barcode scanning, auto-ordering tools, auto-reordering, inventory tracking, and more. It also offers a collection of integrations with shopping carts and POS solutions like CardConnect, PayPal, Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, and Shopify.



The description: NetSuite is a global cloud-based service provider for organizations in 20+ industries that need help growing, scaling, and adapting to changes in their industry of choice. Retail businesses can use NetSuite’s inventory management capabilities to reduce handling costs, improve supplier relationships, automate inventory level management across all locations, minimize stock-outs with a demand-based planning, reduce the risk of unscheduled replenishment and lower the cost of goods sold. (COGS) by limiting the number of times an item is moved through the warehouse.

Priority Software

Priority - logo

The description: Priority Software provides organizations of all sizes with flexible, scalable, end-to-end ERP solutions. The Company’s Retail ERP and inventory management software can help businesses manage sales channels, supply chains, finances, back-end processes, and more. Features include multi-channel order management, demand planning, inventory forecasting, automated replenishment, payment processing, flexible order fulfillment, customer loyalty plan promotions, card management – gifts and inventory management in real time across multiple sites and locations.


Vinculum - logo

The description: Vinculum is a global provider of retail SaaS solutions offering products for warehousing, centralized product information management (PIM), direct-to-consumer tools, omnichannel retail, inventory management and catalog management. With its Vin eRetail solution, retailers have access to centralized inventory management features designed to help them unlock real-time visibility into inventory levels across stores, online channels and warehouses. These features include automated order routing, backorder management, automatic inventory synchronization, inventory level tracking, automated inventory replenishment, and more.

Zoho inventory

Zoho inventory - logo

The description: Zoho is a multinational company specializing in software development, cloud computing and web-based business tools. With Zoho Inventory, growing businesses can improve how they control inventory levels, manage order fulfillment, and streamline sales channel management. Retail companies can use software to accelerate sales across all channels, ssynchronize stock levels across sales channels, fulfill orders from a centralized system, update invoice statuses in real time, automatically generate shipping labels, track shipment, identify items to fast sale and integrate with popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, and more.

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