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16 Money saving things to buy to save you cash long term: Clever thrifty buys for the home





Maisie Bovingdon

Saving money is a hot topic right now. With rising gas and electric bills and the general cost of living, it seems like we’re not getting as much out of our hard-earned money as we used to.

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Whether you’re saving up for a certain pair of shoes, a vacation, a house, or just for a rainy day, there are gadgets that can help you on your way.

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budget planner

First, get a budget planner to track your spending.

This nifty budget planner will help you monitor your bills and expenses, so you can know where to cut your spending.

Budget Planner, £10.48, Amazon


Tumble dryer balls

There’s nothing better than soft, freshly washed laundry, but it takes a lot of energy to wash it on hot and tumble dry it. In addition, some detergents are not environmentally friendly.

However, affordable dryer balls are a great investment, as they soften your clothes by bouncing around the drum.

Tumble Dryer Balls, £7.29, Amazon


bento box lunch box

Prepare meals like Joe Wicks with this bento box, which has been expertly designed so there’s a compartment for everything, including your snacks.

It’s a space-saving creation, helps prevent spills, and is reusable so you can avoid those plastic take-out jars.

3-in-1 Compartment Lunch Box, £10.99, Amazon


Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup

If you can’t go about your day without your morning coffee, we don’t blame you.

Do it with Stojo’s collapsible pocket cup, which will keep your brew hotter for longer, and it’s also easy to store afterwards.

Stojo Collapsible Pocket Mug, £12.99, Wayfair


SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water

We love a refreshing lime soda, but to save you the trip to your local supermarket and the expense of buying a cold drink, why not make it at home?

Plus, this SodaStream lets you get creative as you can turn any drink into a carbonated drink in a snap. Did we mention it’s on sale? So even better for small budgets.

SodaStream Spirit sparkling water, £119.99, John Lewis


Makeup remover pads

Say goodbye to make-up remover wipes, cotton pads and cotton swabs. If you haven’t already switched to these reusable makeup remover pads, where have you been hiding?

Apply your makeup remover formula to your face and wipe off with these soft pads, then rinse after use and repeat. Your skincare routine has never been easier.

Face Halo The Modern Makeup Remover, £7, Boots


Beeswax food wraps

If you’re not a fan of Bento Lunch Boxes for storing your lunch, or if you don’t have the space to store your food in the containers, reusable food wraps are an awesome gadget to keep around the house.

With three colorful printed wraps in one pack, you’ll be desperate for lunchtime to show your friends how good your lunch looks.

Beeswax food wraps, £16, Paperchase


Limey Tap Descaling Gadget

Limescale is a bug that many homeowners battle with, and while it can be a small thing, it can impact your bills.

This descaling gadget allows the solution to rest to target buildup on your faucets, which could prevent water from completely coming out of the faucets – but you’re still paying the hefty sum for your water bill.

Limey Tap Descaling Gadget, £5.85, Amazon


LED bulb

We’ve been advised for many years to switch to energy saving LED bulbs, one of which costs just £2.75, it really is a no-brainer.

Set of 3 LED bulbs, £7, Dunelm


Energy saving plug

An energy-saving outlet is often first on many buyers’ list when it comes to finding a solution to lower their bills.

This outlet saves energy as the timer can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times.

Power Saver Plug, £7.95, Amazon


solar power bank

We’re often stuck with battery life when we’re on the go, but before we leave the house, we have all of our gadgets and gadgets charging at every outlet in the house.

But now you don’t need it anymore because you can use the solar power bank. Simply leave your power bank near daylight to charge it and power your devices with it, which is a greener way to charge your essentials.

Solar Power Bank, £27.50, Amazon


Radiator insulation

We know it’s summer and not the time to turn on our heating, but this gadget is worth investing in for the winter months.

It reflects heat back into the room, minimizing heat loss and helping you save a little more energy.

Radiator insulation, £31.99 Amazon


Airtight storage containers

A safety must-have in every household.

Not only can you decant your cereals, dry goods, candies and other essentials into these containers, but you can also buy direct from some supermarkets to save waste.

Airtight square storage containers, £30, John Lewis & Partners


water alarm

Have you ever wondered why your bills are so high? It might be because water is leaking somewhere, but this nifty accessory will detect if droplets are escaping from the pipes and causing your bills to explode.

Water Alarm, £13.99, Amazon


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For those who commute to work by metro, bus or car, it might be time to find a greener alternative, one that won’t cost you a penny – after investing.

Not only is a bike a great way to exercise, it’s also better for the environment, easier to park, free of congestion charges, and absolutely free.

What we like is that VeloBello also offers a work cycle program, just in case you don’t want to fully invest in a new bike just yet, that’s another option worth considering.

Dutch-style bike, £395, VeloBello


draft barrier

Many people are now turning to project exclusions to save money because they are effective and so easy to use. Simply place the grill under your door to protect yourself from the cold and thus reduce your heating costs.

Blood pudding, £14, Dunelm


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