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10 Coolest Alternate Versions Of Spider-Man, According to Reddit





With the multiverse beginning, viewers are beyond excited to see alternate versions of their favorite superheroes. Comic book fans may already be familiar with the versions that appear in different comics. But they haven’t seen them make an appearance on the big screen yet. This has led to many debates and discussions on Reddit among users, regarding their favorite alternate version of the superhero. Your favorite alternate universe Spider-Man? :r/Spiderman has many answers and choices for his best choice.

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After the release of Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness and the animated feature sequel, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, fans expect a lot more from the Spider-People of Marvel. Besides Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Spider-Gwen, there’s a whole slew of alternate versions of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man that grace Marvel timelines.


Spider-UK (Earth-833)


First appearance: Edge of Spider-Verse #2, September 2014.

In a different universe – in Britain – William “Billy” Braddock was training under Captain Britain. He learned he had the same powers as Spider-Man of New York and took the name Spider-UK. With this shared knowledge and abilities, Billy carries a talisman that allows him to travel across the multiverse. After the death of his universe’s Peter Parker, Billy (Spider-UK) joined the battle of the spider worms when he discovered that spiders were being hunted.

Spider-UK also wears enhanced agility after training with Captain Britain and being a member of Captain Britain’s corps. The Spider-UK character is also sometimes seen as a mix of Spider-Man and Captain Britain.

Scarlet Spider (Earth-616)

Ben Reilly

First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man #118, September 1994.

The original Scarlet Spider, as everyone knows, is Ben Reily. But several other characters have used the Scarlet Spider identity, such as Peter Parker, Joe Wade (a villain), a group of three Michael Van Patrick clones working with the Initiative, and Kaine.

The Jackal, one of Spider-Man’s enemies, created a clone of Spidey with his DNA, which fans now know as the Scarlet Spider. The clone copied Peter’s abilities and even his personality, becoming a superhero as well and facing off against the Jackal to begin his journey. He accepted the reality that he is a clone and became the most interesting Spider-Man.

Pavitr Prabhakar (Earth-50101)


First appearance: Spider-Man: India #1, January 2005

While being chased by other children, Pavitr encountered an ancient yogi who gave him the power of a spider to fight the evil that threatens the world. He lives in a village in Mumbai with his uncle Bhim and aunt Maya. Her uncle gets stabbed by thugs when Pavitr flees, rather than save the woman. Plus, his powers, weaknesses, and everything else are similar to Earth 616 Spider-Man. He faced villains like Nalin Oberoi, a crime lord who used an amulet to gain demonic powers, and Doctor Octopus, who had demonic weapons given to him by Nalin.

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In the Spider-Verse, he also fought alongside Spider-Man Superior, Spider-Man UK, and many others to defeat the Inheritors. He then joined the Web Warriors to defeat the Electro-Verse in order to defeat the demonic invasion in his own world.

Silk (Earth-616)


First appearance as “Silk” in Amazing Spider-Man (vol.3) #4, July 2014

In the main universe, Peter Parker gained his powers when a radioactive spider bit him in the hand. The same spider bit Cindy Moon, aka Silk, in the ankle before dying. This gives him the same powers and abilities as Peter. Although she has less superhuman strength than him, she possesses more agility and can produce organic fingertip webbing. Besides the abilities given to her by the spider, she has an eidetic memory from birth.

After being bitten by the spider and accidentally winding up her parents, a villain named Morlun began hunting her, so she hid in her trainer’s bunkers for 13 years, after which Peter Parker rescued her, and she began her life as silk.

Superior Spider-Man (Earth 616)

superior spider-man

Originated in Amazing Spider-Man #697, November 2012

In the bizarre event of Otto Octavius’ death, his spirit swaps with Peter Parker’s, giving him control of Peter’s body as Peter’s spirit died along with Doc Ock’s body. After entering his base, Doc Ock realizes how much Spider-Man has always won against him and introspects what Spider-Man’s mantle meant, so he chooses the life of a hero and dedicates himself to doing good in the name of Superior Spider-Man.

Along with his intellect, he uses gadgets like spider robots to watch over the city and fight crimes that even Spider-Man couldn’t. The first thing Doc Ock did was add computerized lenses to his (Spider-Man) costume. With abilities similar to Peter Parker and Otto’s high intellect, Superior Spider-Man was considered very powerful in a short time. This alternate version looks like a friendly villain.

Spider-Punk (Earth-138)

spider punk

First appearance in Amazing Spider-Man (vol.3) #10, November 2014

Hobart “Hobie” Brown was bitten by a radioactive spider during an illegal dumping of waste. While gaining similar powers to the main universe’s Peter, Hobie took on the mantle of Spider-Man in his universe to oppose Norman Osborn who is the president – but more like a dictator. He hates being called Spider-Punk.

Spider-Punk has many followers behind him who also helped bring Norman to justice when he rebelled against the Leader. He banged his guitar on Norman’s head, defeating him and freeing everyone. Hobie also joined the Spider-Verse army to defeat the Inheritors who were hunting many Spider-people.

Spider-Man 2099 (Earth-928)


First appearances in Amazing Spider-Man #365, June 1992, and first issue Spider-Man 2099 #1, September 1992

In the distant future, the year 2099, in Nueva York, USA, Miguel O’Hara took on the mantle of Spider-Man by mixing his DNA with that of a spider – unlike most other Spider-Man. People who have been bitten by radioactive spiders. Although his abilities match the main universe’s Peter Parker, Spider-Man 2099 implements epic devices, powers, and an AI system. Spider-Man 2099 is definitely not a force to be reckoned with.

He fought in the Spider-Verse comics alongside many other heroes, including the Sinister 6 from the year 2099 in the “All New All Different” Spider-Man 2099, and found many 2099 versions of the superheroes. main universe heroes. With all the gimmicks, power, and sheer strength, some would say he’s better than universe main Peter Parker.

Spider-Cyborg (Earth-2818)

cyborg spider

First appearance in Superior Spider-Man #33, September 2014

In this universe, Peter Parker not only gained Spider-Man’s abilities, but also cybernetic enhancements. The upgrades covered almost his entire body and gave him large tusks and a soft sonic cannon on his right hand and a claw for his left hand.

Spider-cyborg was targeted by Karn in the events of the Spider-Verse War with the Inheritors, as he was a powerful enemy to him. With abilities and powers similar to the main universe’s Peter, as well as cybernetic enhancements, Spider-Cyborg is a unique and dynamic character in the Spider-Verse.

The Spider (Earth-15)

the spider

First appearance in Exiles #12, April 2002

This universe’s Peter Parker not only had the powers of Spider-Man, but he also kept the Venom symbiote with him, which resulted in a rage-filled Peter Parker and made him completely ruthless. The spider did not use its powers to fight. for real; he was brutal and enjoyed hurting people.

Venom’s symbiote, Spider-Man’s powers, and the evil rage filled inside Peter made him a lot like Carnage at his most powerful state. Like all symbiotes, The Spider was vulnerable to heat and high frequency sound. After numerous murders and crimes, The Spider was killed by Firestar (Earth-3062) in 2005 by a mega-burst of her powers.

Cosmic Spider-Man (Earth-13)

cosmic spider man

First appearance in Amazing Spider-Man (vol.3) #9, November 2014

Cosmic Spider-Man aka Captain Universe has the Enigma Force – the literal force of light and life, greatly enhancing Spider-Man’s abilities. He’s known to be the biggest and most powerful version of Spider-Man across the cosmos, and his abilities are far superior to any other. He can see through time and space, alter matter, and survive any temperature.

He played a vital role in the Spider-Verse event when he gave refuge to all the spiders that were fighting against the Inheritors. The only downside to this power was that it was only tied to this universe. If Earth-13 Spider-Man were to go to another universe, he would be a normal Spider-Man.

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