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10 Anime Villains Who Defied Orders To Do What’s Right



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Few things make fans of a show love a certain character more than a good redemption arc. Although most anime villains have cruel tendencies, some of them have a strict moral code that prohibits them from committing certain atrocities, as opposed to those who blindly follow orders.

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These characters usually find flaws in their own philosophy through the help of others or completely on their own and become valuable allies to the protagonists. These animated villains went so far as to defy orders from above and decided to do what was right, regardless of the consequences.

10/10 Jaswant betrayed Rajendra to help Arslan

Arslan Senki

At Arslan Senki Rajendra is a despicable king. He is always ready to double-cross anyone, even his allies, and he has a reputation among the Parsians for being a frivolous liar.

After Arslan, his companions and his entire army helped Rajendra seize the throne from his traitorous brother, Jaswant was deeply troubled that Rajendra still wanted to betray them. Jaswant had sworn loyalty to the kingdom of Sindhura, but he could not bear such dishonour. So, he ran to Arslan’s side to warn him of Rajendra’s betrayal.

9/10 Hitch & Marlo helped the scouts

The attack of the Titans

In The attack of the Titans, the scouts were accused of killing a civilian and were forced into hiding. The deputies declared a search for them and sent soldiers to find them. After receiving their orders and going into the woods in search of the scouts, Marlo expressed his concerns over the situation.

After their confrontation with the scouts, Marlo said he still trusted them. He and Hitch helped the scouts find a weak point in the blockade, and they escaped unscathed. Marlo eventually joined the scouts for their most crucial mission – to recapture Wall Maria.

8/10 Greed only wanted to have friends

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Greed, as the name suggests, was driven solely by avarice in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. He aimed to rule the world, because simply ruling a country could not fill the void in his heart. Greed defied its creator and preferred to live by its own rules. Even when destroyed and recreated, Greed still insisted on doing what he wanted.

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In Greed’s quest to acquire the finer things in life, he becomes acquainted with Edward and his companions. Greed ultimately helped them a lot in the final battle against its creator. During the battle, he realized that all he wanted was friends.

7/10 Gilthunder was never on Hendrickson’s side

The seven deadly sins

Gilthunder was first introduced as a villain hunting The seven deadly sins for fame and revenge, and for the most part, he played the villain role pretty well. He was relentless in his pursuit and obeyed his orders to the letter, while waiting for the opportunity to strike down his true enemies.

When the opportunity presented itself, Hendrickson wasted no time in coming to Meliodas’ aid despite chasing him relentlessly. This came as a shock to Hendrickson, who had been totally duped from the start.

6/10 Brandish realized Alvarez vs. Ishgar was a pointless war

Fairy tale

Brandish from Fairy tale was loyal to Zeref and the Kingdom of Alvarez. However, she realized that Alvarez’s invasion of Ishgar was unjustified and an act of pure evil. Senseless destruction did not suit his conscience. She even tried to negotiate with the Wizard King in order to call off the war, but her efforts were in vain.

Despite her orders to annihilate the enemy, Brandish was willing to spare the lives of Lucy and her friends, even when she could have easily annihilated them. She ultimately decided to remain neutral in the war.

5/10 Mars openly disobeyed orders

black clover

Asta’s first encounter with Mars in black clover was brutal. Mars was a very powerful enemy to face, and he nearly killed Asta and his friends. Mars was seen again when he led the army of the Diamond Kingdom in an invasion of the Forest of Witches. He and his partner, Ladros, had a meeting with their former teacher, but unfortunately they were on opposite sides.

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Despite this, Mars protected their teacher from Ladros, helped defeat him, and even helped Asta subdue Fana. Despite their horrible first meeting, Asta and Mars have become good friends.

4/10 Tamayo was able to escape the clutches of Muzan

demon slayer

Although she herself is a demon, Demon Slayer Tamayo despises Muzan. Several hundred years ago, Tamayo was Muzan’s assistant. Although she served him closely for many years, she wanted nothing more than to avenge her family by killing Muzan.

Tamayo then lost sight of her goals when she realized how impossible it was to actually destroy Muzan. After Yoriichi nearly dispatches Muzan, Tamayo’s ambitions are revived. She got rid of Muzan Kibutsuji’s cells and tirelessly searched for a way to turn a demon into a human.

3/10 Licht betrayed the industry he worked for

fire force

Although he joined Special Fire Force Company 8, Licht from fire force was far from trustworthy. The company he worked for has a lot of shady operations. Reasonably, the members of Company 8 feared Licht’s presence. Licht was ordered to spy on them and, if possible, bring Shinra to them for experiments.

Licht stayed at Company 8 long enough for their antics to trickle down to him, and he was reluctant to follow the orders of his industry. Licht eventually gave up his industry, whose president even tried to kill, and is now a bona fide member of Society 8.

2/10 Richard abandoned his comrades and helped Fairy Tail

Fairy tale

The Oracion Seis was one of the toughest enemies the Fairy Tail guild has faced. Fairy tale. One of their members, Richard, has been affected by a type of magic that turns good into evil and vice versa. Richard began preaching about love in the middle of a battle, much to his adversary’s surprise.

Richard soon joined the Fairy Tail guild and helped them in the battle to defeat his comrades. Even after the effects of the magic wore off, Richard continued on his new love path and abandoned his previous lifestyle.

1/10 Zuko challenged his father and helped the avatar

Avatar: The Last Airbender

When Zuko was first introduced in Avatar: The Last Airbender, his determination in his pursuit of Avatar Aang made him the image of evil. Zuko had made it his mission to capture the Avatar and gain the approval of his father, Fire Lord Ozai.

After fans watched Zuko relentlessly hunt down Aang for the first two seasons, Zuko was the last person anyone would have expected to offer help to Team Avatar. After chasing Aang around the world, Zuko has become one of Aang’s best friends. To this day, Zuko’s redemption arc remains one of the best in animated television history.

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