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₹13.5 to ₹8840: ₹1 lakh turns to ₹13 cr in 27 years as IT stock gave one bonus share



Tata Elxsi shares have risen 1000% in last 5 years.


Tata Elxsi’s stock trended higher after the first wave of Covid-19 sales. In the post-Covid rebound, Tata Elxsi share price jumped around 640 to 8,840 levels each (April 2020 to date), delivering an approximate 1,300% return to its shareholders over these two and a half years. It is therefore one of the multibagger stocks that the Indian stock market produced during the post-Covid rebound.

However, this computer stock has a history of stellar returns to its shareholders. From September 1995 to date, this Tata Group stock has grown from approximately 1:50 p.m. to 8,840 levels each, recording nearly 65,380% return over those 27 years. However, there is a catch. This multibagger computer stock gave 1:1 free share in September 2017 which doubled the shareholding of a long-term investor.

Tata Elxsi share price history

Over the past month, this stock computer multibagger has gone through the basic build phase and has slipped by about 9,860 to 8,840 levels each, registering a drop of almost 10% during this period. Over the past six months, this Tata Group stock has gone from around 7,600 to 8,840 levels per share, registering an upside of around 16% over this time horizon. Year-to-date (YTD), this IT share has jumped around 5,900 to 8,840 levels each, increasing by 50% over this time. Over the past year, the Tata Elxsi share price has appreciated by approximately 5,850 to 8,840 levels, offering a return of around 50% to its shareholders. Over the past 5 years, shares of Tata Elxsi have grown from approximately 815 to 8,840 levels, registering around 1,000% return during this time.

Likewise, over the past 27 years, this stock computer multibagger has grown by approximately 13.50 levels at 8,840 levels each, offering approximately 655 times more money to shareholders.

Impact on investors’ money

Get inspiration from Tata Elxsi share price history, if an investor had invested 1 lakh in that stock 27 years ago and had remained invested in that multibagger IT stock throughout that time he might have been a crorepati. If the investor had invested 1 lakh in this counter 27 years ago by buying a Tata Elxsi share at 13.50, he would have obtained 7,407 shares of the company. As the company gave away 1:1 free shares in September 2017, its stake would have become 14,814 (7,407 x 2) as the Tata Group company gave away one free share for every share held by the investor.

1 lakh turns to 13 crores

Tata Elxsi stock price is today 8,840. If an investor had invested 1 lakh in this stock multibagger 27 years ago is lakh would have turned to 13.09 crores today ( 8.840 x 14.814), provided that the investor has remained invested in this scrip throughout this period.

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